Work as a Royal ‘JournaLindian’! A social media campaign for Lindian Village!

To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee,  on behalf of the  Luxury five star hideaway Lindian Village, we launched, a social media competition exclusively for journalists and travel bloggers inviting them to escape London and swap their office for a week of luxury suitable for a king or queen!


 The participants were asked to tell us, in no more than 25 words what they would do if they were king or queen for a day either by tweeting us or by posting their answer on the competition’s Facebook page. More than 50 journalists and travel bloggers participated in the contest and the winner, was announced on facebook on 1st May 2012. Suzanne Dixon, the Royal JournaLindian, will have the opportunity to move her office to the Med and work like a queen. 


From Wednesday 30 May to Sunday 3 June,  Suzi will tweet and blog about her experiences and spread the word about Lindian Village while she will be enjoying her stay at  Lindian Village Ottoman Gardens Pool Suite, with private swimming pool, secret garden, four-poster bed, original art, antiques and wine bar with a selection of refined Greek wines and champagne.

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