MediaCo FSS and El Mundo

In the spring of 2012 we joined forces with top Japanese TV network NHK to put together a special Greek edition of ‘El Mundo’, a show which trawls the globe to bring worldwide lifestyle trends and experiences to a Japanese audience. Together with the NHK team we explored the increasing tendency of Greeks today to turn to their roots and draw from ancient wisdom to improve their daily life.

People we met along the way include; Mr. Melissinos, who’s ancient Greek style sandals have become something of a footwear institution, gracing the feet of the likes of John Lennon and Sofia Lauren; a botanic and aroma therapist who teaches the benefits of using herbs to cure simple ailments. The legendary ‘Archeon Gefsis’ restaurant, which has achieved worldwide recognition for its authentic ancient Greek recipes; and a retired journalist who’s passion for all things Greek has been reflected in the incredible interior decoration of his house in central Athens, the highlight being a stunning veranda with breathtaking views of the Acropolis hill.

The programme will be aired on Wednesday on NHK, and we think the result is fantastic.



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